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Ashton Cabinet Selection

$ 248.50

Ashton Cabinet Selection is an unparalleled expression of refinement for discerning cigar enthusiasts worldwide.  A luxuriant, chestnut-hued Connecticut shade wrapper cloaks a distinguished blend of Dominican tobaccos aged four to five years.  Lush undercurrents of oak and cream commence early on and carry added dimensions of a deliberate, yet subtle complexity.  Ashton Cabinet Selection concludes with a velvety, voluptuous signature certain to administer satisfaction to the most perceptive palates.


Wrapper: Connecticut

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic


Strength: Mild to Medium


Shape Length Ring Wrapper Unit
No. 1 9 52 Nat 10
No. 2 7 46 Nat 20
No. 4 5.75 46 Nat 25
No. 3 6 46 Nat 20
No. 6 5.5 52 Nat 25
No. 7 6.25 52 Nat 25
No. 8 7 49 Nat 25
No. 10 7.5 52 Nat 20
Belicoso 5.25 52 Nat 25
Pyramid 6 52 Nat 25


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