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Erik Stokkebye Churchwarden Sandblast

$ 157.00

One of several Churchwarden styles offered by Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation, this particular example pairs a hearty, plump Brandy bowl to a lengthy, willowy stem. Said bowl displays some additional breadth around its low-set waistline where it then begins gradually tapering up toward the rim. The stummel's been treated to a jet-black stain and low-profile sandblast, while the smooth, lightly stained, chamfered rim and warm bronze accent provide some tastefully understated contrast.

Made In Denmark


Exterior: Tobacco Hole:
L = 10.50" Dia. = 3/4"
H = 1 3/4" Depth = 1 1/4"
W =  1 13/116" Weight = 2.24oz


Measurements may vary by +/- 0.2".

*Pipe stand not included*

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