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Maker's Mark Cigars

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The Maker’s Mark cigars are the perfect combination of fine ingredients and a unique smoking experience. The long-leaf tobacco is grown in the Dominican Republic, and the bourbon is distilled from red wheat in the Kentucky countryside. Together they create a cigar like no other.

The unique process whereby the cigar is aromatically enhanced by Maker's Mark Bourbon makes the Maker’s Mark Cigar unique in the industry. You won’t find any artificial ingredients in this cigar. In fact, the bourbon never even touches the tobacco! The result is a premium cigar with all of the benefits of a premium bourbon. The perfect combination for a relaxing smoke.

To top it off, each cigar is sealed in a glass tube, and then each tube is hand-dipped in Maker’s Mark’s signature red wax, just like the actual bourbon. An added benefit to this process is that the cigar is housed in an air-tight container. Once it’s dipped, it doesn’t require humidification, making it ideal for travel, the golf course, or any excursion where a humidor isn’t available.


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