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Boveda Humidification Packets

$ 3.95

- Boveda Dimensions: 5.2″ x 3.5″
- Shelf Life: 2 years in plastic before use
- Lasts 2-4 months without plastic
- Replace when pack begins to get rigid


How do I choose the right number of Boveda?
We recommend using at least one 60 gram Boveda per 25 cigars your humidor holds, even if it isn’t full. It’s still air space and wood that needs proper humidification. And because Boveda will never over-humidify beyond the number on the pack, using more than is recommended will just work more efficiently and need to be replaced less often. So with Boveda, you can never buy more than you need.

Can Boveda directly touch my tobacco?

Absolutely. Boveda is 100% safe to lay on / in / amongst your tobacco.



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