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Credo Round Humidifier

$ 14.99

Credo Rondo Cigar Humidifier (Black). Designed to maintain 70% relative humidity in humidors that hold from 25 to 40 cigars. For slightly larger humidors, 2 or more Rondo humidifiers may be used. The Credo Rondo humidifier uses oasis foam and a propylene glycol solution to release or absorb moisture and maintain the proper 70% humidity. Credo humidifiers are delivered ready for use and need only have distilled water added. A Credo Special Care Solution is available to ensure the periodic and proper maintenance of their humidifiers. Refill approximately every 3 weeks exclusively with distilled water. On the sixth month, recharge by adding only the Credo Special Solution. The following month, go back to adding only distilled water. Credo humidifiers attach with magnetic rust-proof elements.

Humidors from 25 to 40 Cigars
Element: Oasis Foam
Factory Sealed w/ PG Added
Initial Application / Distilled Water Only
Size: 2-1/8" x 1"
Size: 55mm dia. x 25mm

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