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Davidoff Leather Cigar Case

$ 147.00

XL-3 Cigar Case Leaf Black Leather is sure to catch everyone’s eye with a contrasting lines pattern representing the leaf stage in the cigar making process which covers the soft black leather exterior. This crowd-pleaser proves you can safely carry cigars and remain stylishly contemporary. Capacity for up to 3 corona cigars.


 R-2 Curing Cigar Case Black Leather.
This finely crafted case is made in Spain using super-soft genuine cowhide leather, which makes for an opulent, yet safe and durable place to keep your cigars close at hand. The case features an adjustable two-piece design that allows for various lengths and will accommodate two of your favorite cigars up to a 56-ring gauge.
The R-2 Curing Cigar Case Black Leather is highlighted by a uniquely contemporary pattern representing the curing of tobacco leaves. The design is created by a special laser marking process which overlays the supple black leather for a truly stunning look that is sure to turn heads whatever the occasion.


XL-2 Enjoyment Cigar Case Brown Leather.
Part of Davidoff’s series celebrating the three stages of a cigar, this adjustable case consists of soft genuine cowhide leather overlaid with a pleasingly modern pattern applied by a special laser marking process. This gives a nice modern touch to the cigar case, which will contain two cigars of up to a 60-ring gauge.
The XL-2 Enjoyment Cigar Case’s dark brown leather with wavy designs represents the final stage in the series, the “enjoyment” of the cigar. You will certainly be enjoying a safe and stylish way to carry your favorite cigars wherever your travels take you.

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