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Diamond Crown Humidifier

$ 59.95

The Diamond Crown Humi-System is the most reliable and technologically advanced humidification system available in the world today. The Diamond Crown Humi-System provides consistent humidity and controls the levels in your humidor with minimal maintenance. 

The Humi-System's design features a translucent, smoked front allowing the user to monitor water levels with ease while maintaining an attractive, understated look. A large reservoir holds more distilled water to allow for longer periods between refilling, keeping maintenance at a minimum.

The Diamond Crown Humi-System allows you to:

  • Easily determine when it is time to refill the water reservoir. When there is no distilled water showing through the smoked front of the system that reveals the contents of the entire reservoir, the Diamond Crown Humi-System should be refilled.
  • Maintain a slow, consistent and constant release of humidity into your humidor using the revolutionary evaporative media that pulls moisture from the water reservoir through the wicking material and ito your humidor (an important feature because the slow and constant release of humidity will not "shock" your cigars.)
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