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Drew Estate, Egg

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The Drew Estate Natural "Larutan," which recently had a name change due to regulations. So, Drew Estate made it easy just going with "Larutan," which is Natural spelled backwards. The brainchild of founder Jonathan Drew. Each one of the Natural cigars is handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua with a host of different exotic long-leaf tobaccos from Syria, Haiti, Turkey, Dominican Republic and St. James Parish, Nicaragua and additional regions. Each cigar features its own unique blend, so things are never boring with the Natural. Natural cigars impart a unique, distinctive taste you won't find anywhere else with an almost rich, pipe tobacco-like flavor, but without he infusion process of Drew Estate's ACID cigars.

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Shape: Figurado
Strength: Medium
Color: Maduro
Binder / Filler:  Nicaraguan / Nicaraguan
Wrapper Nicaraguan Maduro


Shape Length Ring Wrapper Unit
5.50 100 MAD
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