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Dunhill Rollagas

$ 1,195.00

  • The Rollagas shape is Dunhill's oldest and most popular design. Classic flint roll-bar ignition powers each brass cased lighter. Butane operated, the soft yellow flame emitted is warm and steady.
    • Palladium Plate Finish, Dunhill logo design, Black Finish
    • Soft Single Yellow Flame; Flame Emitter Sheltered By Cap
    • Dimensions: 2.5 inches (height) x 0.9 inches (width) x 0.5 inches (thick); Weight: 0.3 pounds
    • Flint Roll-Bar Ignition; open cap and roll to ignite
    • Due to shipping regulations product does NOT ship with Butane

    Sku: DU19FRR1041001TU
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