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McChrystals Snuff Dry Nasal Snuff

$ 6.85

Aniseed 8 Gram Dry Nasal Snuff-

This snuff from McChrystal's has a smooth, sweet traditional mediterranean aroma with liquorice undertones. Finely ground and slightly moist, the uniquely sweet liquorice scent gives a pleasant buzz.

 Supermint 8 Gram Dry Nasal Snuff-

This aroma of snuff gives off an exhilarating aroma of pure peppermint essence with a combination of tobacco and peppermint. The minty scent is fairly strong and lingers in the nose but it cools to a refreshing tingle.

Lemon 8 Gram Dry Nasal Snuff-

This snuff has a delicate, long lasting fresh lemon aroma which comes from Sicilian lemon groves.

 English Menthol 8 Gram Dry Nasal Snuff-

This snuff, which is one of McChrystal's best sellers, provides a soft and more delicate light menthol experience. The scents aren't overwhelming to the senses in any way but they certainly don't hide.

Smokers Blend 5 Gram Dry Nasal Snuff-

A plain scented snuff. Well suited to smokers as a substitute for smoking.

Violet 8 Gram-

This snuff isn't overly sweet but has a light floral scent. Overall, a fine grind that is a little moist.  

Original 8.8 Gram Nasal snuff- 

A varied mixture of mint flavouring and a reliable and sufficient hit.

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